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    “I never thought I’d have to leave”, says 23-year-old London-based emigrant

    By Noreen Bowden | June 9, 2009

    A quick, disturbing vignette excerpted from Olivia O’Leary’s “Viewpoint” article on the BBC website.

    For James Mooney, 23, and his generation, the crash is particularly galling.

    While Mr Mooney was studying to be a surveyor, his lecturer told them they would all be millionaires by the time they were 35, such was the construction and property boom at the time.

    Instead he is one of the new breed of Irish emigrants, living in a house in London with five other Irish people in their twenties, in a position none of them ever dreamed they would face.

    “Getting dropped back to Dublin airport, that’s when it hits home, that you’re leaving again,” says Mr Mooney.

    “Sunday nights, flying back to London. I dread it.

    “You see the same faces at the airport now. I never thought I’d have to leave.”

    Read Olivia O’Leary’s article on the BBC website – “Ireland: boom to bust”

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