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    Aberdeen: Irish and Scottish Migration. Feb-June 2008

    By Noreen Bowden | January 28, 2008

    The University of Aberdeen is hosting a series of three one-day conferences called “Irish and Scottish Migration and Settlement: Intellectual, Political and Environmental Frontiers”. The conferences will be held in the Research Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies.

    Organisers say:

    Overseas migration has conventionally been understood as a process that leads migrants to cross a variety of literal and metaphorical “frontiers� in order to settle into new societies. This series of three one-day conferences invites participants to reconsider this issue, looking instead at the varied ways in which the exploration of intellectual, political and environmental “frontiers� by Irish and Scottish migrants and their descendants generated new ideas, discourses and modes of life. Participants are also invited to consider the significance of this dynamic process for overseas Scottish and Irish communities, for the broader societies within which they lived, as well as for the Irish and Scottish homelands.

    The conferences are scheduled as follows:

    • Intellectual Frontiers – 23 Feb
    • Political Frontiers – 3 May
    • Environmental Frontiers – 21 June

    See the programme for “Intellectual Frontiers”.

    The Research Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies at the University of Aberdeen is an interdisciplinary centre offering taught master and doctoral programmes in the history, literature and culture of Ireland and Scotland, and carries out research across these disciplines. It is host to the Centre for Irish and Scottish Studies, funded by the Art and Humanities Research Council.

    See the website for the Research Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies.

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