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    180 to attend Global Economic Forum

    Monday, July 27th, 2009

    There will be about 180 business leaders and high achievers in culture and sport attending Ireland’s first Global Economic Forum in Dublin’s Farmleigh House in September, according to the Sunday Business Post.

    Taoiseach Brian Cowan and Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin will host the event, which will also be attended by all government departments and ministers. Minister Martin said a high rate of of acceptances had been received from members of the diaspora in the US, Britain, Australia, continental Europe, Asia, and the Gulf region. He described the event as “a national effort to reach out to the most successful and influential members of Ireland’s diaspora to facilitate their work and contribution to economic recovery”.

    Martin told the newspaper that the event would harness the talents “of people who are conscious of worldwide trends in business and technology”. He added, “The second key element is to find ways to network this global diaspora more effectively in the future in a way that will contribute to Ireland and also benefit the network.”

    Topics under consideration for discussion include Ireland as an innovation island, the digital and life sciences and marketing “Brand Ireland”.

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    Global Irish Economic Forum to focus on growth, relationship

    Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

    The government is inviting leading Irish and Irish-connected individuals from around the world to attend the inaugural Global Irish Economic Forum on September 18-20. The planned conference, which will be held at Farmleigh in Dublin, is the latest in a series of events aimed at harnessing the economic power of the global Irish community.

    Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheal Martin said,

    “The primary purpose of the Forum will be to examine how the Irish, at home and abroad, can work together to generate ideas which will contribute to our overall efforts at economic recovery. It will also play a critical role in shaping the future direction of the relationship between Ireland and its Diaspora, particularly in the economic area”.

    Minister Martin noted that the conference is part of its strategy to engage more deeply with the diaspora:

    “Successive Irish Governments have built a multi-layered relationship with the global Irish community, one that has marked us out as a role model for many other countries.

    “The Forum will provide us with the opportunity to take Ireland’s relationship with the global Irish community in a new direction, to examine innovative ways of working together and to generate ideas for Ireland’s economic recovery. Now is the time to shape a more strategic relationship which will bring benefits both to Ireland and to our global community and which has a more developed economic focus.”

    “Our global Irish community constitutes one of the most powerful and far-reaching resources at our disposal and, using our worldwide network of Embassies and Consulates, we have identified some of the most successful individuals from that global community. They will bring with them an invaluable global perspective. To help facilitate discussion, a relatively small and tightly focused group of individuals is being invited.”

    The effort is complementing the Ireland-United States Strategic Review launched last month and the strategy for economic renewal outlined in “Building Ireland’s Smart Economy” in December.

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